St. Clara de Assisi

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St. Clara de Assisi

On August 11, we celebrated Santa Clara de Asís, who, in the bosom of a noble family, was born in 1913. In the spring of 1211, moved by the Spirit and enlightened by the preaching of Francis, he left everything to follow Jesus. On Palm Sunday, under cover of the night, Clara escaped from her father’s house and went to Santa María de la Porciúncula, where Francisco received her and consecrated her to the Lord. Shortly after it was established in the convent of San Damiano, restored by Francisco.

Clara was a woman of her time: her mood, human and spiritual formation, her sensitivity, as well as her life. It represents one of the most worthy exponents of courage and coherence, creativity and spiritual fervor, which is currently reflected in the lives of poor ladies.

The Clarian Contemplative Life certainly has a word to say, its particular contribution,
not only in the Church, as is proper to all charisms, but also in the field of culture and society, being, with realism and humility, a sign of faith in the God of Jesus Christ and his project, and sign of humanity through the many humanizing gestures that characterize this way of life: an alternative and authentic way of being in the world; witness of the presence and gratuitous love of God; the fraternal life “sign” of the radical human freedom; listen and welcome the word of men and their human passions.

Clara dies on August 11, 1253, muttering this prayer: “Thank you because you created me.” Alexander IV canonized her on August 15, 1255.