Serve the Lord in poverty and humility

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Serve the Lord in poverty and humility

La Piedad, Michoacán has been the meeting place to welcome brothers, family and friends from Mexico, who have joyfully accompanied our Custody of Mexico and Texas in the consecration to the Order of the Deacons of the Ángel Ríos García brothers, Armando Leal Martínez, Antonio de Jesús Rodríguez Ávila and Sergio Colima Jiménez.

The Eucharist was celebrated in the Shrine of the Lord of Mercy and presided by Msgr. Carlos Garfías Merlos, Archbishop of Morelia, who exhorted the brothers to receive the presence of the Spirit by opening their minds and hearts as the disciples did, following Jesus with firmness and audacity despite human frailties. He reminded them that God is in us and with us to build a more fraternal society and urged them to choose in life what leads to love and peace; for they have been called to be witnesses and consecrate life so that this is possible in the midst of the world, in the service of Christ, supreme priest and pastor.

Later, in a climate of fraternity and joyous festivity, we shared the food, thanking God for the consecration of these brothers and sisters and for the call he made to each of those present in the different forms of life.

May Saint Mary of Guadalupe continue to inspire vocations to our way of life and that the God who is the Good, all Good, Most Good, grant us to live with fidelity our dedication to Him.
Peace and good