Franciscan Family

Third Order

Secular Franciscan Order

Since the beginning, the Secular Franciscan Order occupies a peculiar place. It is formed by the group of all the Catholic Brotherhoods, whose members, moved by the Holy Spirit, commit to the Profession of living the Gospel the St. Francis way, in their secular state, observing the Rule approved by the Church.


 Franciscan Youth

Franciscan Youth (JUFRA) is a brotherhood experience, a community of young believers, sons and daughters of the same Father, who share their faith, on the bases of brotherly love. This brotherhood is situated in the ecclesial community where one lives and acts.

JUFRA walks in the light of St. Francis’s message; it’s members progressively discover and assume this life project and its values. Belonging to the Franciscan family as an integral part of the OFS and considers the Rule of the OFS as their inspirational document.