It is the fundamental calling that God makes to Love.

The Love that so often isn’t loved, but whose face is yearned and searched without respite by the human heart: God himself.
Our life is a sublime project of God, we are collaborators of a Creative God, called to transcendence. The first initiative is from God, and the second is from the humanity that decides to answer from the depth of their heart to this fist initiative.
If you are in the search, with questions and unrest, cheer up because it is a sign that your life wants to find meaning. Allow yourself to be enlightened by the Francis of Assisi’s experience by asking Jesus in your heart like he did:

“ Lord, what do you want me to do? ”


Ten sins of vocation


  • Being a believer

    With the trust placed in God, acknowledge that our life is a history of salvation in which God is revealed to Jesus and wishes to be present as a guide and companion in the road to find happiness.

  • Being someone who prays

    Constant communication with God is essential to hear his will. Prayer is the space for dialog with Him who has looked at us.

  • Being available

    An available and open mindset prepares us to live with enthusiasm where God wants us to, accepting new plans and projects that the Lord proposes as a way of life.

  • Be realistic

    Live with our feet on the ground so we are able to discover, from our personal reality of limitations and capabilities, Gods will in the challenges He gives humanity and assume them with responsibility.

  • Accepting Risk

    We must face the future with optimism, aware of the demands that saying yes to Jesus entails, with the certainty that God will make good his promise of salvation.

  • Be hardworking

    Following Christ through work is the sign of hope that inhabits within us to commit to the vacation we have been called, assuming the responsibilities and consequences of our actions.

  • Strict in the way of life

    The compromise with the brother in need and abandoned is the manifestation of the greatest of our vocation, every disciple of Jesus is called to leave a mark in others by what he does and says.

  • Responsible in the search

    Vocation demands having enough questions, but also taking the time to find the place reserved for us in the building of the Kingdom through serious and deep discernment.

  • Be mature

    To embrace a vocation that involves total surrender, being a person on its way to maturity is required, someone capable accepting oneself and other in the truth and contradictions of the human being.

  • Be joyful

    Joy expressed in the day-to-day is the best guarantee that we are living out own vocation with authenticity. If the calling does not fill you with joy, it is a sign that the search must go on.