Called to holiness

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Called to holiness

Peace and good brothers and sisters:

Once again we put our cappuccino calendar in our hands and our first word of thanks: Thank you for letting us be in your life during this new year. Each edition of this calendar is thought that together we can reflect on some current issues for the Church. This year, at the invitation of Pope Francis, in his apostolic exhortation Gaudate et exsultate, we want to remember together the call of God to all of us: “Our Father wants us saints”.

The history of our Order, from the example of Francis and Clare of So, is replete with courageous witnesses of Christ and the Gospel, many of whom have been proclaimed saints and blesseds. Holiness confirms the fecundity of our charism and demonstrates the signs of our identity: the total consecration to God until martyrdom, when required, the simple life among the people, the sensitivity towards the poor, the spiritual accompaniment as closeness and humility that It allows us to welcome everyone.

In addition, the Pope himself recalls: “To be saints it is not necessary to be bishops, priests, religious or religious. We are all called to be saints living with love and offering our own testimony in the daily occupations, where each one finds himself. Are you consecrated or consecrated? Be holy living your surrender with joy Are you married? Be holy by loving and caring for your husband or your wife, as Christ did with the Church. Are you a worker? Be holy by honoring and honesty your work at the service of the brothers. Are you a father, grandmother or grandfather? Be holy by teaching the children with patience to follow Jesus. Do you have authority? Be holy by fighting for the common good and renouncing your personal interests. ”

Brother, sister, may this new year be reborn in us the desire to be saints, expressing with our lives the faithfulness of God. May our prayer and closeness accompany you in this evangelical adventure.

Your Capuchin Minor Brothers of the Custody of Mexico and Texas.