Assembly of the Capuchin poor Clare Confederation of America

Assembly of the Capuchin poor Clare Confederation of America

The assembly of the ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ confederation of the Capuchin Poor Clares of the American continent was held in Lima, Peru, from February 4 to 9, 2019.

Sr. Beatriz Ayala, of the Alamo monastery in the USA, was elected president. The term of service is six years. Sr. Hilda López, president of the federation of northern Mexico, was elected as vicar.

The confederation of America gathers and coordinates the five federations of the continent, providing a common purpose for projects and for other matters regarding the life of the nuns. The five federations unite eighty-nine monastery and 1,276 professed sisters, who, including novices and postulants total 1,375. This is 53% of the total monasteries of Capuchin Poor Clares and 62% of the total number of professed sisters.

The fruitful work being done in the revision of the Constitutions was presented at the meeting, as well as the challenges and situations of each of the federations. Modifications were made in the statutes of the confederation, in order to update them according to recent Church documents.

Among the projects treated at the meeting was the new foundation of the sisters in Paraguay, as well as requests for support and solidarity of personnel.