He looked at me with mercy and chose me

He looked at me with mercy and chose me

Under the motto “Serve the Lord in poverty and humility”, on February 16 of this year the brothers Ángel, Antonio, Sergio and who writes received the ministry of the diaconate; wanting to synthesize our desire to continue living in fidelity the way of life of the Holy Gospel, in the poor, humble and crucified Christ.

After a time of diaconal service in the fraternities in which we reside and the time required for the transitional diaconate towards the priestly ministry, on September 21, at the feast of St. Matthew Apostle, we have been Ordained Presbyters in the hands of Monsignor Felipe Pozos Lorenzini, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Puebla. The motto that has accompanied our consecration is the same one that has been collected by Beda the Venerable when talking about the life of St. Matthew: “He looked at me with mercy and chose me.”

The parish of the Precious Blood of Christ, accompanied by the fraternity of San Leopoldo Mándic, in Puebla, has been the headquarters for the realization of our consecration. Since the previous days, we have congregated in the aforementioned fraternity to prepare for such a celebration and interview with whom we should order. In the interview conducted in the Archbishopric of Puebla, we had the opportunity to pray and dialogue with Monsignor Lorenzini, who welcomed us with closeness and attentive listening, knowing and becoming aware of the great gift of which we would participate.

During the morning of September 21, Capuchin brothers, family and friends arrived from several places in Mexico to accompany us; and at 11 o’clock the celebration began. In a climate of fraternal joy, in a prayerful silence and in a moving environment, Angel, Antonio, Sergio and I received the Priestly Order. Monsignor Lorenzini urged us to live our priesthood in the love and company of Mary, especially in the invocation of Saint Mary of Guadalupe, who is so significant to each one of us. In the same way he encouraged us to be good priests in the celebration of the Eucharist, the accompaniment in the sacrament of reconciliation and in the attentive service to the people of God.

After the Eucharistic celebration, the parish community kindly attended to more than a thousand faithful and brothers from other places, offering us a delicious poblano mole, typical local food. We could not miss the blessing of those celebrated by the community, with a significant ritual in which they censed us and placed a necklace and crown of flowers while we danced in a circle; as well as the “Guajolote dance”, traditional of Oaxaca, in which we invited the community to participate in the joy that was overwhelming us.

Each one of us has made our first Eucharist: The next day in the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Progreso de O. Hidalgo, where I am originally from, I had the joy of celebrating with the community in the XXXV Priestly Anniversary of the parish priest Felipe I. Juarez.

On September 24 in the morning, in gratitude because they accompany us with their fraternity and prayer, we celebrate the Eucharist Ángel, Antonio, Jesús Arrondo and a servant at the Santa Verónica Institute, with the Capuchin Sisters of Poor Theology and the course of June Subsequently we have sung and celebrated fraternally in a breakfast arranged for the occasion. Thank you sisters for your life of testimony and your life of prayer.

At noon we have gone to the Basilica of Guadalupe, to accompany Brother Antonio in his first Mass at the feet of our Mother of Guadalupe. Accompanied by his relatives, friends and brothers of the brotherhood of the Eagles, Brother Tomás OFMCap urged him to be a priest inspired by the smallness of Mary and Juan Diego.

On September 28, Brother Ángel in his hometown, Papantla, Veracruz celebrated his first Mass in happy memory of his mother Adelita García Morgado with the folklore and cultural richness that characterizes these villages, his pastor invited him to be a full priest of joy and evangelical enthusiasm as his mother was. Finally, on the same day, Brother Sergio in Ameca, Jalisco also celebrated his first Mass accompanied by close relatives and friends.

Thanks to all the Capuchin brothers, family and friends who have collaborated in these celebrations with their presence, their gifts, goods and services. We ask you to continue walking together, accompanying each other to be true signs of God’s presence in the world and that our Capuchin life remains the ferment of new vocations and holiness for the Church.

Armando OFMCap.