A path with Francis

A path with Francis

Peace and good

As a Franciscan Order we are happy to be able to celebrate 300 years of two magnificent events in the life of Saint Francis. Events that show us the depth of his spirituality and that marked an important milestone in the history of the Church.

Framed by the peaks of the Apennines and surrounded by green hills, the Rieti Valley holds an ancient heritage and the authentic San Francisco experience. In 1223, Francis carried out two fundamental experiences of his life and spirituality there: the definitive drafting of the Rule of the Order, and the origin, in Greccio, of the first Christian nativity scene.

This winter marked the future of the Order of Friars Minor. Saint Francis went up with Brother Leon and the jurist Brother Bonizo to Fonte Colombo to draft the Rule. Immediately afterwards he went to Rome for approval. In the bowels of the Bulada Rule, the “form of the holy Gospel” is perceived as the norm of life for all the Lesser Brothers.

In Greccio, San Francisco made the first representation of the manger. With the desire to contemplate the great mystery of the incarnation of God, Saint Francis summoned everyone, people and animals, in order to experience in their hands the smallness of God among us.

In this year we want to renew the spiritual experience of Saint Francis: the desire to live the Gospel in obedience to Holy Mother Church and to be able to contemplate God incarnate among us. Two insights from the Poverello that become a great invitation for this year.

We appreciate you allowing us to be in your home through this calendar and we ask the Supreme Good to pour out his blessing on your family.
Blessings from your Capuchin Minor Brothers