800th Anniversary of the approval of the Rule

With great joy we celebrate the feast of all Saints of the Franciscan Family and the 800th anniversary of the approval of the Draft Regulations by Pope Honorius III. Today as a Franciscan family we thank God for the gift of our way of life, a gift for the Church and for the world. The Seraphic Order has always been a focal point of holiness: this is the reason for its spiritual vitality that makes it perpetually flourish. His holy children (of the first, second and third order) belong to every social condition and to every people.
There are martyrs, doctors of the Church, priests, religious brothers, lay people, virgins, holy women and holy men… A great crowd gathered around the great poor man, “reciting the sign of the living God.” Today is a historic day because eight hundred years ago, on November 29, 1223, Honor III solemnly confirmed the Rule of S. Francesco, already approved orally in 1209 by Innocent III. The original of the Rule is preserved among the relics of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi